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"The ability to look a person in the eyes, knowing you're the cause of all the pain and suffering that you see, and act like you know nothing.

No amount of time will ever be enough to make up for what he's taken from us," said the victim's brother, Tyler Madill.

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Still, herpes has a social stigma attached to it that for many sufferers is worse than the actual infection.

we have this culture that's supporting these actions, you're leaving these victims feeling helpless and you're leaving guys knowing they're untouchable," Neufeld-Worley said.

Illustration/Dreamstime / Freelance Vancouver Police Department's Sex Crimes Unit is warning internet dating site users of heightened risks of sexual assault and fraud with a new campaign — and tips to reduce the risk.

“We wanted to create a game specifically for younger players,” Verburg says.

“A dating game for preteens who weren’t quite ready for dating, but that actually included some really useful scenarios for helping (them) get used to how vulnerable and awkward crushing out can be.” “After we had developed our prototype with only ‘she’ pronouns ... and immediately — like, within days — started getting feedback about how players wanted the option to be a boy in the story.


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