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The crew head to Boo York where they shop for new clothes and wear them out.("Fright Lights, Big City") Luna Mothews, a moth monster girl also arrives and meets them.Cleo takes Deuce with her and turns out Nefera has also invited Toralei.At the roof top, Nefera steals their voices (they can still speak, but can't sing properly) using the crystal comet shard.Toralei then sneaks off with it and takes Catty's singing voice to perform at Bloodway.

Luna also changes out of her uniform right before Cleo and Seth are to have a promise ceremony as the two of them are destined to summon the comet together.The ghouls also encounter Elle Eedee, a robot DJ who is playing her music on the streets.Cleo, Nefera and Deuce end up in the same taxi as Mouscedes King. Back at the catacombs, Abbey walks in to find Ghoulia attempting to stop the comet from arriving.Later that day, the ghouls run into Luna who now works for a pizza parlor.Ghoulia uses satellites in attempt to repel the comet, which turns out an alien is inside it, but it persists.Mouscedes then summons taxis for them to return to the promise ceremony.


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