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Although there were some Truth in Television incidents of this, it is less based on them than it is the general fear of a person's spouse cheating on them while they're away at work, especially if it's with someone who comes straight to the door (well, in most cases).

As few milkmen are still working, it is more common nowadays for the wife to cheat with a deliveryman (the mailman, UPS, Fedex, etc.), some kind of repairman (plumber, electrician, cable guy, etc.), or some other service provider that has to regularly be physically present in the house, such as a pool-cleaner.

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A woman cheats on her husband with the milkman, or some other man who visits her home on a regular basis while hubby is at work.

The image of the slutty milkman was very popular in older works, and persists even though in many places milk has not been delivered to people's homes in decades, as has more households having both spouses possess jobs outside the home for most of the day.

Olaf uses his newfound immunity to burn down Heimlich Hospital and Caligari Carnival without repercussions.Although the series is given no distinct location, other real persons appear in the narrative as well, including the series' illustrator, Brett Helquist, and Daniel Handler himself.Count Olaf is the main antagonist and one of the primary characters of the series, making an appearance in each installment, alongside the Baudelaire children.He is often distinguished by the tattoo of an eye on his left ankle.Though the Baudelaire generally see him as anti-intellectual, as one of the themes continuous through the series if the association of intelligence and education with good and rejection of learning with evil, Olaf is shown to be capable of erudition, as his last words are a quote from Philip Larkin and he is able to recognize Kit's own last words from a poem by Francis William Bourdillon.See also Cuckold and Pizza Boy Special Delivery for when it's just a random one-off fling with a delivery guy rather than an ongoing affair.


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