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United States (recruitment from community/tertiary neurourology clinics).

We used data from a prospective observational study of people with a SCI who enrolled during December 2015–September 2016.

In collaboration with the National Educational Psychological Service (NEPS) and the Social, Personal and Health Education Support Service (SPHE) fourteen NBSS partner schools participated in the research project.

Of the 14 schools, two taught the programme to all 1 year students, some of whom had elevated anxiety levels.

The Cognitive component involves helping children and adolescents to use positive self-talk (green thoughts), challenge negative self-talk (red thoughts), evaluate themselves realistically and reward themselves.

The Physiological component involves teaching children and adolescents to be aware of their body clues, to use relaxation techniques and to self-regulate.

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Teachers can run the programme as a whole school anxiety prevention programme, as a whole class or small group intervention or with an individual student.

Due to the increasing awareness in education of the need to understand and address the emotional and mental well-being needs of children and young people, the NBSS decided to pilot and research the ‘FRIENDS for Life’ programme in partner schools.


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