Net gridview rowupdating event

| then bind the newly inserted label to a some linq code in a rowdatabound (or databound event for detailsview) based on the value of the bound label that was already in the template after I'd converted the boundfield to template ..voila each time a row fires my code fires and not only do I get the customers ID I get the customers last name as well, even though the customers last name is in a completely different table.

I generally have to take it even a step further than that..

The reason is we don't fill the values unless your are bound to a datasource control.

Protected Sub Page_Load(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System. Load Dim i Col As Integer, c As Integer = 0, i Chx As Integer 'If In Str(Http Context.

Selected = True Else End If Fill Grid View() End Sub Private Sub Fill Grid View() Dim i Col As Integer, c As Integer = 0, i Chx As Integer, i As Integer Dim str SQL As New System. String Builder Dim str Params As String = "" 'THE FOLLOWING CODE THAT INDICATES SPECIFIC COLUMN NUMBERS IS DETERMINED 'BY THE HTML ASPX CODE THAT DETERMINES HOW THE GRIDVIEW LOOKS For i Chx = 0 To Me.

Auto Generate Edit Button = True Then i Col Date = 8 i Col Proj Stat = 10 End If Dim lbl Text As Label For i Row = 0 To Track Projects.

Edit Index Then i Row = 1 If i Row = Track Projects. Count Then Exit For lbl Text = Direct Cast(gv Track Projects.


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