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Ah, but Camtogays is hardly the first gay Chatroulette site – in fact, one of the first gay Chatroulette sites, Manroulette, was launched in March. With the launch of Camtogays, Bazoocam is obviously hoping to gain a bit of leeway in the French market against the other leader Camtoya.However, Camtogays is hoping not to become a hot-spot for vulgarity and obscenity and has thus introduced a number of tools to help users to report and eliminate inappropriate content – the same tools that have helped Bazoocam show 15% less genitals than the original Chatroulette site, according to the founders. Bazoocam currently counts roughly 1.3 million unique visitors per month – yet Camtoya sees around 60,000 visitors per day.Safe Eyes was selected by the Australian government as part of its nationwide Internet safety initiative, and is free to all Australian families.Kenney said his company has received many phone calls from concerned parents about the new site.

Lenhart questions whether or not an automated solution is possible.

"Combine that with a prominent and easy to tap 'Next' button that lets you slide quickly out of undesirable conversations and it feels like safe – at least in the physical sense – fun." Chatroulette can combine the thrill of a potential window on a forbidden world with little actual physical risk.

Users may click "Next" at any time to exit the session and proceed to the next pairing.

Because of its very nature, it would be difficult to study, but part of me feels like if I keep exploring it, I’ll be able to draw some sort of conclusions about it.

Obviously, my sample size is indeterminable and my examiner bias is severe, but I still feel like I can make some observations about my experiences so far.


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