Nytimes iphone app not updating

For Apple to keep older versions running smoothly indefinitely, it would need to put a full stop on new features. Just ask HP or Dell.“As we saw in PCs, growth comes to a screeching halt if the experience doesn't considerably improve or there are no killer features added,” says Patrick Moorhead, president of Moor Insights & Strategy.

And even beyond the business case, Apple has added some genuinely useful features over the last few years.

Not every app does, but if your i Phone feels in need of an upper, you’ve likely got a few installed.

Think of it like this: You own a station wagon, and each year you fill it with slightly bigger boxes.

i OS 9 made Siri actually usable, and introduced “app thinning” to save space on your device.

You can see a bunch of charts here, and they all show the same thing: GPU performance holds steady on an i Phone 5S, even across three firmware updates.“The methodologies, APIs, and 3-D structures that we use are all done in a way that act like a modern-day game would end up using.It gives you a good prediction of how games would perform on a device.” tests, one each for your smartphone’s GPU and CPU, to test against both graphics-intensive tasks and those that require heavy-duty physics calculations and the like.While everything in this report is still accurate, we urge you to also read what we now know about Apple's forced i Phone slow-downs.]The data that disproves any malicious intent on Apple’s part comes from Futuremark, the company behind a popular benchmarking app called 3DMark.The app runs a series of tests that measure your phone's performance.“The way 3DMark is designed and created is to emulate exactly how a real game would operate,” says Futuremark commerce director Jani Joki.(Yes, this metaphor assumes multiple competitive fruit stands in close proximity.)“I don’t believe for a minute that Apple deliberately slows down older phones or does anything else to prompt users to buy new ones,” says Dawson.“When any piece of hardware comes out with a new operating system, then the new version of a popular app can make use of new functionality in a way that it runs well on a the latest device, but is slightly too heavy for the older ones,” says Joki.


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