Okcupid blog paid dating sites

Because of this, it seems free dating sites may have a conflict of interest as well.

A good example of this is when Plenty Of Fish removed the instant messenger from their site (see Story) just over a year ago.

The first thing he points out is that OKCupid offers a paid component to their service as well called the A-List.

Ok Cupid was initially owned by Humor Rainbow, Inc.The Strange to Say blog has a well written post called "OKCupid’s Misfired Arrow".In it he points out several flaws in Ok Cupids thinking.Ok Cupid tends to attract a more creative crowd, in general, somewhat more artsy, but being a free site, also attracts its share of numbskulls snapping shirtless selfies or pursed lipped and pierced self-ettes.((Dare we mention that the founders of The Dating Gurus met on Ok Cupid?While their post deals with more on what Ok Cupid says about e Harmony it does poke a few additional holes in Ok Cupids theory.


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