Online dating in scunthorpe

There are tons of Mc Donalds in every town and city.

'I think if it's residents who have made these comments, it's because they haven't got out of the area much - they haven't seen other places.

Sarah added: 'I moved away for University but I came back.

It's not full of chavs at all - people have got it wrong.'Single mother-of-two Amber Betts enjoys living in Scunthorpe but agrees the town centre could do with a bit of 'sprucing up'.

You can't say Hull hasn't tried.'The mother-of-one, who works as a doctors' receptionist, added: 'It's a shame the shopping isn't up to much.'A lot of the big stores are closing down in the main shopping centre which means that people go elsewhere to shop.'She added: 'There have been times when I've thought the city was much better when I was younger but I've never thought of moving and they're trying hard with it now.'Have the people who say it's a dump really been here and really explored it's heritage?

Upon Gollancz's death in 1967, ownership passed to his daughter, Livia, who sold it to Houghton Mifflin in 1989.David Henderson, 52, pictured left, who works on a vehicle production line: said ' I grew up in Luton in the 1980s when the town was a lot cleaner and the people were much more polite, kind and helpful.' Joanne Rumney, 27, pictured right, said the town has become much dirtier in recent years and it's now not uncommon to see rats on the streets day and night People spoke of of public areas including the pedestrianised town centre being blighted by litter in the streets as well as human excrement and urine.David Henderson, 52, who works on a vehicle production line: said ' I grew up in Luton in the 1980s when the town was a lot cleaner and the people were much more polite, kind and helpful.'Luton has completely changed and it's not nearly as clean as it used to be, it's dirty in places'There are many homeless people that you see around the town and I know there is problem with drugs.'Millions and millions of pounds need to be spent on Luton to bring it up to standard.' Joanne Rumney has lived in Luton all her life and is unemployed staying in one room in a hostel.Meanwhile Charlotte Hoodless, 77, was born in the area's Epworth and thinks it is a lovely spot - not like the survey's description given of 'chav country retreat'.Charlotte, who moved to Scunthorpe with her family when she was a young girl before meeting her husband in the local pub, said: 'I don't think it's right that it's in the top worst places to live at all.'Great-grandmother Charlotte, who has two daughters, five grandchildren and two great-grandchildren, said: 'The folk are friendly here, it's a busy town centre - there's a nice market here on a Friday and Saturday.'The problem is that it's got a few empty shops and Marks and Spencers has left the town centre and gone to a retail park on the outskirts.'That was a big asset and it drives people away with it not being in the centre.'She added: 'It needs investment but it's not a dump.It is a very pretty town and I think people see all the negatives.'They see the homeless people who are sleeping by the local shops but it is such a diverse town.'I think it's great.


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