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When you attempt to sign in to Logos, a message comes up saying it is "Unable to connect to " See Also: Using Logos with Security Software, Unable to Download a Required File or Resource Check your Internet Connection.If you are connecting through a Wireless Network, try moving closer to the Router, or plugging directly in to the router to improve Network Performance. If you have the latest Root Certificates, and you are otherwise able to access the internet, it is possible your Security Software is blocking Logos.Tip: If you’re experiencing a more technical issue, like an “error” or “crash”, please visit our Support Page for possible solutions.If your issue is not covered, you might consider emailing our Technical Support Department.

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If you do not have access to your email account anymore, contact customer support by phone at (800) 875–6467 or by email at [email protected] continue running updates until the Root Certificates update is no longer available.When Logos attempts to log in to our server, it needs the latest Root Certificates to verify our servers as trusted.Logos uses a Secure Connection to connect to the servers.If you do not have current Root Certificates, Logos will not be able to establish a Trusted connection.Our Customer Service Center would be glad to assist you by email or phone at (800) 875–6467.


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