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29th & Gay (2006) Gay man reaches 29 without satisfying job or lover of his dreams.200 American (2003) Gay man decides to hire a hustler.Antes que anochezca see Before Night Falls Apartment Zero (1988) Prim young man takes on identity of street hunk.Apo tin akri tis polis see From the Edge of the City] Arisan!All Over the Guy (2001) Rocky relationship of two gay men who meet on blind date set up by friends All the Rage (1998/2003) Gay lawyer in Boston South End attemps to leave promiscuity for relationship.Almost Normal (2005) Gay man in coma rexperiences highschool as straight, when being gay is the norm.Also omitted are movies in which the gay element although important is largely suppressed, e.g., "Suddenly Last Summer", "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof", "The Servant", as are films in which the gay element is subordinate to some other subject such as murder, e.g., "Rope", "Swoon", and "Compulsion"; again, there are exceptions such as "Cruising" (a controversial film deserving of reappraisal) and "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil".Some films have a gay sensibility, address our issues, and have helped form our attitudes, but have no clear gay content, from "Show Boat" (especially that rendition of 'Bill"), "The Member of the Wedding", and "Auntie Mame", to the more recent "Billy Elliot" and "Good Will Hunting" (although lacking an overt gay character, reflects its gay director's sensibility, and addresses issues important to gays such as alienation and mentoring).

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Most of the films are in English, with some better known foreign- language films and TV movies represented.

In many cases, their poor quality explains their lack of distribution, but there are exceptions such as "Broadway Damage", which do have merit.

This list is selective, subjective, not comprehensive; any suggestions for additions are welcome. Most non English films are listed under their English title, with cross reference from the original language title.

The inclusion of all films with gay characters would create too long a list.

It is interesting to watch these films and see how the portrayals of gay men have evolved, from the early portrayals of repressed, self-loathing, and often suicidal characters in films like "Advise and Consent", "The Sergeant", "Reflections in a Golden Eye", and "The Boys in the Band", through more sympathetic, yet still often stereotypical, characters in the last twenty years, though such films as "Longtime Companion", "Jeffrey", "The Birdcage", and "Philadelphia". " Foreign films offer surprisingly unusual perspectives; some of the most original and enterprising portrayals of gays have come from Catholic countries like France and Spain, or repressive societies such as China, while such liberal cultures as those of Scandinavia or the Netherlands have yielded few.


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