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Take the necessary safety precautions and always meet in a public place. 60 and 70 year-old women are posting photos of themselves that are 40 and 50 years old!! The minute she got out of her car she apologized for the fact that her Our Time photo was 12 years old and that she had gained about 25 pounds!! When you get nothing but scammers something is wrong, I will agree they don't remove your information. More need to file a complaint, and I will agree to ban them. However, when you click on "continue" to get to the payment page, there is no pricing selection from which to choose.When meeting someone for the first time, don’t forget that while you may be looking for someone who resembles their profile picture, you may be meeting someone who looks completely different. Like all the other sites Our Time sends out stupid, unwanted messages to the people YOU contact, saying stupid things like: "Mr Right likes you profile". During dinner she threw the BIG bomb on me, by revealing that she has no interest in the 6 or 7 Country songs I emailed her, that her 2 "daughters" are homosexuals, and that H#1 wears a rubber penis and is in the process of having a sex change, while H2 is bi-sexual, cuts herself up with razor blades and is as skinny as a rail, because she is anorexic!!!! Dreamboat Gina has an MBA in marketing, a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in graphic arts, owns a 5,000 house, and works as a web administrator at a LUTHERAN CHURCH!!! They like taking your money but you have to fight to get it back when you don't use their services. I made payment via Pay Pal, because I assumed, from my past Pay Pal experiences, that I would be taken to a final check-out screen where the price would be listed and I could either decline the transaction or accept it and make the payment. Instead of an opportunity to accept and proceed or decline and exit, the only option was "Connect Me! Paid membership fee, then come to find Our Time employees will go back into your profile and edit without notification.A one month membership costs .99, three months cost .00 and six months cost .00.To cancel your subscription, you may do so through your online account, send a written cancellation by mail, or email their customer service team.Another risk involved comes hand in hand when the potential development of a relationship presents itself and the time comes when you both decide to meet in person. In the 4 months I was on this stupid website I had ONE date!Safety is a common concern among all online daters. Then there's the photos of the grand kids, pets and the all-to-familiar photos of women at their favorite vacation spots!!! Then there is the occasional MAN who Our Time sends me as a "match"!!! I met her for dinner at a popular steak joint 60 miles for my house, with a dozen roses () in my hand. So with a freight train full of baggage like that, I dropped her like a hot rock!!! When you join for "free," what they really mean is you have to pay to use the site. They then list three options for paid membership: six months, three months, or one month.

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Online dating is also a great way to network the social scene whether it is find someone to date or just to find a good friend, anything is possible.

There is a possibility that the person on the other side is not who they claim to be and may even be an employee of Our Time’s parent company.

Even though the site’s terms and conditions claim this is a way to engage its members and improve their services, it seems as if it is a method used to keep their paying subscribers.

The site was built on the idea that older people are looking for companionship with others who share the same life experiences.

It is free to become a member of Our and browse for singles in your local area.


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