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He takes you through a series of stories that better explain how trusting his gut led him [...] Watch Video Harnessing his observation of an evolving trend in medicine, Michael F. The truth is – asking outrageously actually creates relationships and builds communities of people who want you to succeed.When she practiced law, Linda Swindling strongly negotiated for others but rarely asked for what she needed or [...] Watch Video How do humans make sense of the world? The shape of shelters, sacred sites, social systems reveals how a culture sees the world.

This linguistically engaging and humorous education policy poetic performance by writer, educator, and designer Thom Browne, combines spoken word, American history, and vivid imagery to paint a comparative timeline of K-12 Education [...] Watch Video Fiddling has evolved from ancient Celtic origins like a language, resulting in distinct American “dialects” such as Bluegrass and continues to evolve to this day.

Then they published a fake website to get the streetcar back.

Then Jason took the show on the road, traveling the world and addressing our desires for places we love, finding the beauty in our everyday, creating romance in unexpected places, and [...] Watch Video Everyone knows everything about homes except what is most important: homes that make us happy.

At the time Eddie was using heroin and living under a bridge.

In February of 2016, after a year and a half of [...] Watch Video The path towards illuminating the world begins with a four-step process: First, recognize that you are ILL—unwavering confidence in yourself, an unshakable belief that you are worthy of being listened to; second, u, manipulate ideas naturally—brainstorm freely, consider unconventional ways of employing your ideas in order to accomplish tasks; third, ATtempt, ATtempt, ATtempt—eagerly attempt those [...] Watch Video Jonathan Cope says music is a universal language that is used to communicate, empower and heal others.


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