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After pulling off her handkerchief and tying the headband in it's place, she took a deep shaky breath and jumped out of the ramen stand and into the warzone of The Hunt.* Back at the Hokage Tower*" Oh? Technically that is under the rule of " any ninja regardless of STATUS", he informed." Still that's horrible! Actually what I was seeing more of was actually Kunoichi going after boys...though there were instances of the former as well but the later was.... system, everyone in the room watching her, and clicked it on." Attention all Academy staff and students... ", A figure shouted from the top of a giant snake that had just taken out a part of his classroom wall. ", he roared as he threw down a smoke bomb and disappeared. In retrospect, it would have probably been a better idea to just keep the students in the building.170 children swarmed out of the academy They were so disorganised some of them tripped over eachother and became banded Others had oposite gender friends that clung to them in distress and became banded Others had fangirls..became a problem since they seemed to figure out what was happening and went after their "beloveds" all at the same time, creating dogpiles, with the anbu confused about who caught who first." Tsunade piped up as she read the incoming reports. more prominent", Kotetsu supplied for Shizune who was nodding with zeal. "." Going after boys not even out of the Academy yet! ", Tsunade exclaimed as she shot up off Jiraiya's lap, much to his disappointment." Well we're going to fix that right now! Anko licked her lips, " Good Iruka-kun, I'd hate for this to be easy! Others were easy prey for the Lolicon Sugardaddies and Shotacon Cougars hiding everywhere, waiting for something like this to happen.She didn't fail to notice the rings on their fingers." Umm.This is Uzumaki Naruto..uh...husband", Ino answered as Naruto stood front and center and bowed. What Ino never told Naruto was how many times Ino's mother had poked at Ino about the boy, but Ino had her heart on the Uchiha survivor, who, Kaori could tell from a glance, was gay.Kaori was relieved when she switch to Sai, but this was even better." Ah Ino.You go out to find a pale skinned black hair boy, and end up dragging a tanned blonde back", she mock chastized, while in her head she was dancing.

Kaori pulled out a couple seats from the table, " Well sit down, and we can discuss over tea, how this "accident" happened.Ino relaxed and her hand slid away from Naruto's mouth." Hiding from Chouji's handles of love? He's a nice guy, and I could probably get past the weight issue. I have so many things there that was meant for my inteded target, that we'd be busy until Sunrise". It did what he wanted as both Ino and Ayame went cherry red. The reality of the situation caught up with them."We're really married aren't we? They both stayed quiet as they broke their chopsticks and started eating the ramen in front of them. Naruto smirked before telling her about the incident with Jiraiya and the Courier Ninjas.* A while later*Ino was busting up laughing and Naruto was explaining the end in mirth." so 596-03 managed to deliver the damn thing even after the Harem Jutsu, and come to find out, the Daimyo was a fan of Jiraiya's work.But I've known him for so long that it would be like marrying my brother! ", Ino asked as she fiddled with the ring on her finger." Yeah we are. ", Naruto asked in response." Actually I think you two are the cutest couple I've seen all day", Ayame piped up after stuffing tissue into her nose. You're so much alike that if Ino drew lines on her face, I'd be convinced she was a female Naruto, and vise versa."The two looked at eachother. Even though it wasn't hot, it still tasted good, especially to their empty stomachs. So he thought it was a gift from the Daimyo of the Land of Claws! ", Naruto yelled as the "not man" and his new wife rounded a corner.He could hear obscenities being directed towards him until they finally faded away. "" I'm gonna *GROWL*""Pfft, I can growl better than that*GROWL*...uh, see?Jiraiya chuckled, " The blonde girl you were training? carrying Kotestu..didn't look like he minded at all." Thanks for the ride honey"" Oh, don't you honey me you sneaky little-"" Shizune? ", Tsunade tried and failed to hold in her laughter, which peeved Shizune as she dropped him to the ground." Oi! At least I didn't get caught 2 minutes after this whole thing started! ", Ayame supplied for Izumo who was scratching the back of his head in nervousness." Y-yeah.


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