Pokemon dating sim game

An Imgur user even credited the app with helping ease their depression and anxiety, acting as a motivator to get exercise and meet new friends.If all of those awesome perks mean you have to catch a few Squirtles on your toilet, and possibly put your entire life in danger, then so be it, right?If the possibility of discovering a dead body, or getting IRL robbed at a Pokestop doesn't entice you to play this game, perhaps its matchmaking qualities will.If you're willing to fall in a ditch or piss off your already-crotchety neighbor by trespassing on their house-turned-accidental-Pokemon gym, you'll probably have no problem catching a date with that Jigglypuff.

One Redditor has done just that, posting the love story above. I thought you were really gorgeous, and I wanted to keep talking.

And I programmed it: As a programmer, my goal was to keep the programming as general as possible, so that it is extendable. In fact, on this point of development I'm already satisfied because if I would give out the source code, people could use it to create their own (not necessarily Pokémon) Dating Sim with little effort.

Except for the fact that I won't at this point of time, because there are sure some bugs left AND two, three code designing decisions have to be changed.

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