Polyfidelitous triad dating sites

(They already had a Mary Royale, if you can believe that...) If and when I branch out to other sites, I will include them on here. You don't really care whether or not I take long walks on the beach, do you?You're mostly just here to read the stories, right?

Harry Potter's family isn't only at Number 4 Privet Drive. He's doing his best to adjust to life without his friends, and he considers turning to the Ministry for help. Hermione's coworkers are worried about her, but she keeps saying that it's nothing. Neville's fairly certain that this time Luna might have bitten off more than she can chew. Prolonged exposure to the Horcrux left its mark on the youngest Weasley and she struggles in the aftermath. What options would the pureblood daughter of the Noble and Most Ancient House of Black have at her disposal? Lunch at the swankiest restaurant in wizarding London can be a fun little splurge, but what if the restaurant accidentally overbooks?

You want hetero-normative and a good solid dyad bias? Most of my stories are polyfidelitous, polyandrous, and may or may not involve twins/brothers married to the same woman.

I'm not trying to be rude, but I usually post this quite clearly in either the summary or the first chapter and I still get reviews from people who are brassed-off because Hermione wound up with two men.

I hope that anything I write is strong enough to stand on its own and does not need the force of my personality to make it interesting or entertaining.

That being said, no one can exist within a vacuum and I appreciate feedback as much as the next person.


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    and let me save you a whole lot of bother by telling you this straight up: there is no perfect person out there for you because there’s no perfect person out there for anyone. Even if you end up falling head over heels for someone and they do seem perfect at the time, when the love hormones wear off, there will be one or two areas where he won’t be flawless. And this is the other great failing of online dating: it discounts one very important, extremely powerful variable - chemistry.