Preity zinta dating history

Ironically what happened at Wankade is being diluted by every other fabricated story about my character except the truth of what happened.I'm sure the witnesses will speak the truth and i trust and believe that the police will do their job fairly and quickly.All these years i have never said anything about him in the media but now i have no choice.I humbly request the media and my supporters to pls focus on the issue and the incident that happened in Wankade and not turn this and me into a TV soap.In 2013, in a magazine interview, Preity talked about her breakup for the first time and confirmed that she is still friends with Ness.She said: "Today, Ness and I are still partners in our IPL team...Everyone always looks away as if they don't exist or then we don't exist.People are embarrassed just enough to look away, but not too embarrassed to intervene.

The humiliating episode at Wankhede was the last straw and Preity decided to file a complaint as soon as the IPL was over.She said, "I don't care even if Ness gets married to a zebra".Twist in the tale First blow in their relationship was reported in 2009, when there were news of Ness slapping Preity at a party.But being the strong woman she is, Preity decided to lodge a complaint.The police are currently investigating the matter."Ness denies the charges Ness Wadia released a statement through his publicist, Naveen Soni, saying he was shocked at the complaint and that the allegations made against him were "totally false and baseless."Preity Zinta's Facebook statement In a Facebook post, Preity explained her reasons behind filing the case against Ness Wadia:"From my heart...In her complaint, Preity Zinta states that she has known Ness Wadia for the past 10 years and had a relationship with him, adding "for some time we have ended our relationship.


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