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No single way provides perfect security (what is, really? The most important thing you can do after reading this post is to stop emailing passwords in plain text.

Seriously – don’t do this, if you care even a little bit about the password in question.

This free Chrome add-on plugs into the Gmail Web interface, adding an encryption checkbox to every message you compose: You pick a question showed to your recipient, and specify the answer.

Safegmail then encrypts your message using PGP, so it looks like this to your recipient: In other words, just a block of code with a link (the algorithm used is very secure).

For example, where “k” falls in QWERTY, it’s actually “e” in Colemak: So, anyone who has a Colemak map can easily read this cipher – they just have to know that’s the method I used.

Of course, you don’t need an alternative keyboard to use this simple system.

Okay, but what if you have something a bit longer to share?

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Creating a note looks like this: Then, once you click Send, you get a short link: The short link is nice, because it means you can even dictate it over the phone and don’t have to send the link itself in text if you don’t want to.Someone clearly put quite a bit of thought into this service, resulting in a truly secure and account-less way to share blocks of sensitive text.Okay, so Burn Note is fantastic if you don’t want an account.You and I both know I shifted them, and how, because we’ve discussed it in advance in another medium (say, Skype or phone).But an attacker won’t know I’ve shifted anything, and won’t even suspect it, because passwords often aren’t words or sentences. You don’t need any software to figure it out, I promise. Okay, I’ll tell you: It says “makeuseof.” But how does it say that?So, here’s a common case: You need to share a password with someone, but if you just email it to them, it’s going to languish in their inbox and be exposed to any future hacker that might gain access to their account.


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