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In the northeast section of the curtain wall is the Brackenbury Tower, named after Sir Robert Brackenbury.

Unfortunately, the castle fell into ruins after Richard's death. Church of St Mary, Barnard Castle The Bowes Museum collection includes the carving of a boar which was rescued from a cottage in the town when it was demolished.

The dramatist's imagination has created some fictional events in an effort to illuminate the character of President Nixon.

This film is not a work of history - or a historical recreation.

A film which is an entire monologue by Philip Baker Hall, one of the best character actors of our time.

While, like Anthony Hopkins, he doesn't LOOK like Nixon, his performance helps you look beyond it.

It is a work of fiction, using as a fictional character a real person, President Richard M.

Nixon - - in an attempt to understand." See more ยป President Nixon presses the record button on his cassette tape recorder and begins recording, but a few moments later realizes that there is no cassette tape in the recorder.

In 2015, an expanded and re-designed version of the visitor's guide to Ricardian sites was added to the website.

It includes information on sites within Great Britain that are associated with Richard III, his family, and with the events of the Wars of the Roses.

There are many national events in 2015 associated with the reinterment of King Richard III at Leicester Cathedral.

It was at Bosworth Field, or Redemore Plain as it was known at the time, that Richard III joined battle with the forces of Henry Tudor on 22 August 1485 and it was there that he was to be 'brutally slain', as one account describes his end.

In the five hundred or so years since, there have been a number of proposed sites for the battle.


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