San andreas dating katie

Press X to view a haircut and wait until the time expires. This glitch is similar to the bike morph glitch in vice city, but it has a limited area that you can use it.Once the mission has ended press triangle and the barber will "put" the mask back on you. In this area you can not fall off the bike, so you can do flips and all other kind of insane stunts. At the beach mission, talk to the DJ and respond positively.Do a bunny hop onto the back of the freight train so that you can ride it and stay on the bike.When the train starts to move again the bike will start to slide.

You can go cover tags and find the oysters and stuff like that without worry that cops or gangs will attack you.Note: CJ and the bike may become invisible while on the train.This is normal and will become visable again once you get off the train. Tired of having the garages take away your beloved paint jobs on your cars?I don't know what happens if you die or kill Catalina, so you can try it if you like and tell me about it and I'll correct this. If you have dated any one of the girlfrined who give you a bonus Such as Katie or Barbara and you restart the game you will still have the bonuses they give you even if your not dating them!! When a homie is with you and you have a 2 seated car or more.Get into the car and hold up just as your homie gets in.When u have grown tired of fighting just enter your car and the pay and spray door will close and then drive away with a clean slate!!! Simply get in a plane or helicopter, at any stage during the game, and fly outside the games boundaries.


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