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So here are our staff picks for best time travel flicks. Fox, a Delorean and Doc Brown will take you "Back to the Future." Now back to reality. With regard to `Millionaire,` we are already in the process of having the host of `The Today Show` on the set with Meredith to film a segment." I mean, are you surprised by this? Well, I mean, there is probably certainly an aspect of that. I think that Barbara Walters is just the ringmaster in an increasingly bizarre setup. There`s Barbara, who is, like, "What is going on here? And she is taking on Barbara Walters and yelling at Barbara Walters. You`re from "Survivor" and she interviewed Anwar Sadat. She has the ability to come off as very credible and accessible in a different way than Meredith Vieira. Linda Stasi of "The New York Post," Nadine Mendoza of "TV Guide," thank you both for being here. The 40-year-old pop star poses topless in the September issue of "Vibe" magazine wearing a skimpy bikini bottom and not much else. To read more of Janet`s interview in "Vibe," pick up the "Vibe" magazine on newsstands August 15th. Tonight, the stars who are obsessed with staying a cut above the rest. Comedian Kathy Griffin will give you an earful, as she did on CNN`s "LARRY KING LIVE." KATHY GRIFFIN, COMEDIAN: Oh, I had a brow lift, which is where they take your eyebrows and put them on a completely different part of your head. Simpson did a cover story with "Marie Claire" about body image, saying - quote - "Everyone is made differently, and that`s what makes us beautiful and unique." But hold on; listen to this. We`re going to wait a few more days, see where I`m at. But, Britney, if you`re just a fixin` to get a fix of time traveling, the SHOWBIZ TONIGHT staff did dig up some movies that you may want to pop in that old VCR. Alicia Silverstone and Brendan Fraser hook up in "Blast From the Past." Time travel may be bogus, dudes and dudettes, but not in "Bill and Ted`s Excellent Adventure." And, yeah, baby, Britney, get groovy with the shagadelic swinging `60s "Austin Powers." And, of course, the one you mentioned yourself, Brit, Michael J. asked for hours of footage at a time when the show was going on a month-long hiatus, so we had to pass. STASI: She looked like she was a stripper for the Taliban. STASI: She had on a head scarf and a blue stripper gown. Well, Nadine, there is a new Gallup poll rating TV personalities that`s out, and this is really fascinating stuff. But while she was on her talk show, she was very well liked. ANDERSON: Tonight, Janet Jackson saying good-bye to that whole nipplegate breast bust-up by getting naked again. She had been hounded by the tabloids for putting on weight, which she says was for a movie role she was considering. Is Lindsay Lohan leaving the party line for the front lines? SHOWBIZ TONIGHT asks, do stars make you want to go under the knife? Richard Fleming, who says celebrities aren`t the only ones pushing the limits. ANDERSON: SHOWBIZ TONIGHT has also noticed that stars are more likely than ever to talk about their cosmetic surgery. - I had - I had, like, a lower facelift where they only do it to here. Now the question about whether Ashlee Simpson has had plastic surgeries has the readers of one magazine up in arms. Why don`t they -- they`ve just gotten so self-important. ANDERSON: Nadine, we did speak to ABC, and they said that, you know, they have been cooperating for the most part, but they said that the "Today Show" "... I think when she did -- between the time of her talk show being off the air and now, there have been some insights into her personality, where she has been a little abrasive or aggressive. Everybody got their licks in, those who wanted to, and it`s done." Well, Janet looks great now. I stand naked kowtowing before her." You can read more of Gwyneth Paltrow`s interview in the September issue of "Bazaar" on newsstands August 22nd. Tonight, the stars who are obsessed with staying a cut above the rest. UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yes, you have lied on this program about the issues. SHOWBIZ TONIGHT went right to Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. We have to acknowledge that, whether in its everyday business, or celebrities, entertainers. LARRY KING, CNN HOST: Have you had Botox, collagen... (END VIDEOTAPE) ANDERSON: The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery says cosmetic procedures have jumped more than 400 percent in the last 10 years. STASI: Well, it`s sad enough that the "Today Show" has taken up all of Rockefeller Center, you can`t even see it anymore. And now with -- and now with Rosie coming, I think there is a lot of anticipation. My hat -- no, my clothes go off to the single mother with no help. ANDERSON: Hollywood is obsessed, and it seems so are we. ANDERSON: Between the stars and TV shows glamorizing a little nip and tuck, we probably shouldn`t be surprised that a lot of people want to look like a star. In fact, we`ve done a survey over the last nine years, people coming into our office asking for the nose of a Jessica Alba, or the eyes of a Nicole Kidman, that type of thing, as a way of describing what they think is a good look. (LAUGHTER) MOOS: The guys who wash the windows aren`t going to like this: passersby are encourage to smudge up the glass at Ralph Lauren on Madison Avenue. Britney becomes the latest in a long line of celebrities, from Paris to O. PAT LALAMA, INVESTIGATIVE REPORTER: Video cameras today are like the LEGO blocks of this generation. ANDERSON: Investigative journalist Pat Lalama tells SHOWBIZ TONIGHT that stars like Britney may find it impossible to be camera shy. They assume everyone loves everything they have to say, even if it`s unintelligible or, you know, stupid. ANDERSON: Of course, there is the inconvenient fact that being caught on tape in a weak moment can actually help a career. On her old MTV reality show, "Newlyweds," with then husband, Nick Lachey, we were shocked at Jessica Simpson`s ignorance of lunchmeat. SMITH: I haven`t been taking Trim Spa now because I`m pregnated (ph) and I can`t. But really, how can this kind of think actually help a star`s career? (END VIDEOTAPE) ANDERSON: Now, as for the Britney Spears tape, we should say that it`s unclear when that video was made. So, Heather Mills Mc Cartney goes to the London home, Harvey, the home that she and Paul once shared, only she was locked out. Paul Mc Cartney`s security guard then called the police. And all in all, it sounds like this is just downright ugly. And we`re also hearing that Paul Mc Cartney froze their joint bank account. LEVIN: I mean, you`ve got to love that she goes to the ATM and can`t pull out a hundred bucks. And I`ve got to tell you, he doesn`t seem that enraged about the money part of it, the fact that he may have to pay out this kind of money, as much as he does kind of the feelings part of it. People are angry now, but will it all settle down eventually, or is this really a war of the Roses? Get this, there will be a competition to compose songs for the finalists. We want to remind you that SHOWBIZ TONIGHT is now on seven nights a week. We are bringing TV`s most provocative entertainment news show to your weekend. But from your perspective, what do you think about this? And I felt then, I can`t have more than a thousand people writing to me, and then not acknowledge it in the magazine. UNIDENTIFIED MALE: There are parts of my job I can`t talk to you about. ANDERSON: And finally, there`s Britney`s take on table manners. DEROSA: If you`re a celebrity, never have sex on camera ever. And it`s clear she is not afraid to share her unique way with the English language. ANDERSON: So maybe we have stumbled upon a new Hollywood hierarchy: stars who manage to maintain their dignity on and off camera, and everybody else. LEVIN: You know, it`s always a sign the divorce isn`t going well when that happens. LEVIN: You know, and apparently a security guard of Heather Mills jumped the fence. But in the end, is this all -- this is just posturing going through the divorce. I - and we want to say that Ashlee has neither confirmed nor denied that she had a nose job. And we gave her the opportunity to respond to readers, and she chose not to take it. (MUSIC) UNIDENTIFIED MALE: We are all convinced that Costello has at least one mole inside the Special Investigations unit. UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Folks, I`m sorry you had to see that. BROOKE ANDERSON, CO-HOST: A big star defends his daughter who gets trashed online. TV`s most provocative entertainment news show starts right now.

ANDERSON: Britney also shares her theories on time travel. JOE DEROSA, COMEDIAN: They think, like, nobody will care, nobody will judge me, nobody will see this. Harvey Levin, managing editor of the entertainment news Web site, joins me now from Glendale, California. She denies that, but this has really gotten brutal. Now, Harvey, the assets are frozen now, but there will become a time when the judge has to unfreeze them when it all shakes out about who gets what. That is not going to end, you know, until Ireland is 18. It really depends on the parties and how much they want peace. The sixth season trials for "American Idol" kicked off at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California, today, and SHOWBIZ TONIGHT was right there shivering in line, like everybody else. One guy we met says at an audition a few seasons back, Simon told him as a singer, he`s "a brilliant car salesman." Ouch. The readers, obviously - I have a very strong relationship with the readers of the magazine, and it was important for me to be able to say to them, Look, we absolutely hear what you`re saying. And we felt foolish for having put her on the cover of the magazine. ANDERSON...we`re going to have to leave it there for now. The film is based on an intense rivalry between the Massachusetts State Police and an Irish-American gang. (BEGIN VIDEOTAPE) JACK NICHOLSON, ACTOR: When I was your age, they would say, We could become cops or criminals. UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Do you have anyone in with Costello presently? (MUSIC) NICHOLSON: I get the feeling we got a cop in my crew.

If the readers hadn`t bothered to give us this overwhelming response, I wouldn`t be sitting here to you - you know, talking to you now. NICHOLSON: If you don`t, it won`t be me who pays for it. UNIDENTIFIED MALE: There are things you don`t want to know about.

Lawyers believe that Heather could get a quarter of his wealth. Is it right that Heather could get between 0 million and 0 million? (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) (SINGING) ANDERSON: Keeping it real. COLES: Well, my response is, it`s actually not about us, it`s about the readers. (MUSIC) UNIDENTIFIED MALE: If I can get the rat, you just got to let me do it my way.

So, it`s gotten to the point that we here at SHOWBIZ TONIGHT just have to ask, "What were they thinking? In the September issue of "Elle" magazine, Lohan says she has been trying to set up a trip with Senator Hillary Clinton, and that Clinton was trying to work it out, but it seemed too dangerous. (INAUDIBLE) (CROSSTALK) (END VIDEO CLIP) ANDERSON: A debate show on cable-access TV gets really ugly - name- calling, chair-throwing and all. " Now this is from cable-access TV in Tampa, Florida, where a political debate show called "The Bleepin Truth," got, well, pretty bleepin ugly. And, well, it just (INAUDIBLE) from there - just went on and on.

Lindsay Lohan says she wants to go entertain the troops in Iraq. It`s time now for another story that made us say, "That`s Ridiculous!


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