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Newsweek reported that the archaeologists who made the discovery presented the ancient artifact to the current mayor of Jerusalem, Nir Barkat.

As the Israel Antiquities Authority announced the ancient clay seal will be on short-term display in the mayor's office.

“We were here for five years digging slowly, slowly from the level of the Western Wall plaza to bedrock,” Weksler-Bdolah stated as Newsweek reports .

She also added that the newly found piece of clay called a docket, is only one of the seven seals uncovered at the site, pinpointing in this way the uniqueness of the object.

However, some believe the CIA was behind the killing.

After his death, Louisiana attorney general William Guste hand-delivered a letter to US Attorney General Edwin Meese in protest at the government’s failure to protect Seal.

By his own admission, he had by then flown more than 100 flights of 600 to 1200 pounds of cocaine each, equating to between bn and bn worth of drugs into the US. Former FBI agent Del Hahn, however, describes how Seal was desperate to avoid jail time; after his offer to turn snitch was turned down multiple times, he eventually flew straight to DC and the office of the vice president’s drug task force. The Reagan administration was keen to see the Contras militia overthrow the revolutionary Sandinista government which had installed itself in Nicaragua; Seal claimed the Sandinistas had made a deal with the Medellin Cartel, and proof of such could lend justification to the US’s support of the Contras, despite accusations of human rights violations amongst the counter-revolutionaries.After serving in the Louisiana Army National Guard and Army Reserve, he joined Trans World Airlines in 1968 as a flight engineer, before becoming one of the youngest command pilots in the entire fleet.According to his wife Deborah Seal, he became involved in drug smuggling in 1975.During the early 1980s, he developed a close relationship with the Medellin Cartel, whose leadership included Pablo Escobar.It was then that he moved his operations from his home state of Louisiana to an airstrip in rural west Arkansas.On the first day of the year, archaeologists from Israel announced the discovery of the ancient artifact, noting that the seal was inscribed with ancient Hebrew script translating to “belonging to the governor of the city,” the most prestigious local position held in Jerusalem at the time, according to the Israel Antiquities Authority.


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