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At Escalante, if time permits (and why wouldn’t it?), you can visit Escalante Petrified Forest State Park, featuring fossilized wood and dinosaur bones left in place, along with displays of artifacts left by Fremont Indians five or more centuries ago.The gravel road straddles Hell’s Backbone with sheer drops into the canyons below off both sides.

This year I tried over 40 different restaurants and about 25 different food trucks.Also if you think one of these restaurants is a waste of my time, please let me know.An outdoor magazine once said Utah has more topographical features named "hell" than any other state.Given the tortured landscape of the Colorado Plateau, I believe it.There’s Hell’s Half Mile on the Green River, Hell’s Revenge outside of Moab, several Hell Canyons, Hell’s Kitchen here in Summit County, a place called Hell n’ Maria Canyon in Millard County and probably many more.The road takes you as high as 9,100 feet, much cooler on a hot desert day than the canyons below.


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