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If you don’t already have some special glasses to drink your ‘bubbly’ out of, you can pick some up while at the Dollar Store. First Met is one of the largest online dating sites with over 30 million people looking to chat, flirt, and date.I made homemade hamburgers, but shaped the patties, bread (or buns), lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, cheese, etc. To go along with the hamburgers, of course, fries or tator tots are perfect.I just happened to have tots at my house and arranged them in a heart shape on my plate. After dinner, our first activity was to make sugar cookies! If you don’t have time for these, just do any kind of dessert you want.I actually had Joseph put the kids to sleep while I got things set up.I had some fake rose petals (from a few years back) that I used to make a heart on our bed.For example, I put some on his desk, his pillow, hanging on the bathroom mirror, in the pantry (since it doesn’t matter what I have cooking, he ALWAYS goes in there to check what snacks we have), on the TV, etc. If you happen to have candy around then use that, or you can give the cards with no candy attached. Of course after I made all these Valentine cards, my printer refused to work – so I had to compromise.I had my kids help me cut out hearts and hand wrote all my sayings.

I found this awesome website that allows you to pick your own style, size, etc. In a flash, I had 4 cards printed off and ready to use. That same site also has tons of different games to play.Then if you want the numbers attached to letters click “Solution included in code table but blanks are not filled in” and then the “build cryptogram” button).After the games and activities (and putting the kids to bed), it was time for some romance.I decided to make Joseph a cryptogram containing a special message.To do a custom one for your special someone, click HERE (if you want to type in your own saying, make sure to read the text on the left hand side of the page.Even if you did, this will be fun to do later in the week, or add to your special night!


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