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The Parkway School District’s business incubator class recently held a similar speed networking event for high schoolers.Developing relationships with professionals can open opportunities for internships or other valuable experiences to add to scholarship applications and eventually, résumés. Even those who graduate from top schools with good grades can struggle at finding a job if they don’t know how to network, experts say.But the event earlier this month wasn’t for executives or corporate types.Rather, it was organized so that eighth-graders at a city Catholic school for girls from low-income backgrounds could pair with successful career women willing to offer advice.included a pediatrician, a bank vice president and a federal judge.The girls at Marian Middle School came ready with networking practice. For more information, contact Chris Weaver at Chris.

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“And it’s what you do after that really matters.”Some schools are embracing the idea of learning to network at a young age.

Mariah Favell said she is interested in a law career. One of the items inside was a package of thank-you notes, waiting to be opened and sent.

She liked the chance to talk with several different women, but wished that she had more time.

After such a relaxing afternoon, you’ll be ready for a romantic date night.

Check it out One of the many moments married couples remember is the day that the marriage proposal took place.


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