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'When chaps divorce,' Lara says, 'a lot of them rebound with younger women for a couple of years before they realise there's no real spark and it's all a bit same-y.'Recently, Lara was flown to Milan by the English owner of a British fashion empire who is in his 60s and very international. I've always gone for sparky conversation, wit, intelligence, humour, and to a lesser extent, looks.He wanted a serious relationship with a linguist; someone young and fizzing with energy to complement his jet-setting way of life. My greatest joy in life is a simple supper with family and friends, laughing.Lara has been laying on events and parties for clients to meet and schmooze for 18 months now, mainly in venues in the West End and Chelsea.'It was aimed at PLUs [People Like Us],' she says, 'who are well-educated, charming and attractive and can carry themselves in a room, as opposed to those more often to be found on Tinder and who can't string a sentence together.' The starter joining fee for Lara's bespoke services is £10,000 for an unlimited number of introductions over a six-month period - but for only £35, you can attend her Sloane Arranger dating events in West London'It makes them feel uncomfortable and they don't have the time, what with the amount of travel and work they do. They can broker billion-pound deals, but are shy when it comes to romance.This will be your own small business and you will be paid as a 1099.

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They say they want someone of 30 to 40 because it's a knee-jerk wish.

Last week, a divorced American software entrepreneur in his late 50s asked her to join him in Cannes, where he is based.

He flew Asprey there in his private jet and she spent two days with him as he spent thousands of euros on the La Croisette, Cannes's designer-crammed shopping street.

You will need a starter kit that includes letter holders, stopwatch, portable address system, business cards, name tags.

If approved into the program, you would be responsible for 0, or half of the starter kit cost which is normally about 0..


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