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Lovelies: Over the weekend, I spent some time with my dear friend Jack, a frequent contributor to Nerve.com, where he writes the column "I Did It for Science." Jack is absolutely frighteningly brilliant--or at least, I'm always half-terrified, when I'm with him, that I won't be able to keep up: He has a B. Maybe he's a crazy conservative and you're a wacky liberal, or vice versa.The 69 is the standard oral sex position that everyone is itching to try, but the 68 offers more opportunities and requires more skill — making it a better alternative for your oral sex fantasy.While the 69 provides mutual satisfaction, the 68 gives your partner a more heightened oral pleasure experience.This variation of the 69 has one partner lying on her back while the other also lies on his back but on top of the giver with his head tucked between her thighs and his genitals above her mouth.With the receiver’s legs spread open, the giver has full access not just to his penis, but also to the neglected testicles and anus, making the 68 the ultimate blow job experience."This pumping mechanism, induced by the wave, is more pronounced near the free surface and close to the wall, which enhances the mixing." He added the study, presented at a physics meeting in Baltimore, Maryland, also found "for a given glass shape, the mixing and oxygenation may be optimized with an appropriate choice of shaking diameter and rotation speed." And Dr Farhat revealed: "The intuitive and efficient motion of wine swirling has inspired engineers in the field of biopharmaceuticals." This is where cell cultures are placed in large cylindrical containers - or bioreactors - and 'shaken' in a manner similar to the aeration of a glass of wine.


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