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Checkering, Wear, etc.): Good with wear; Sizeable chip under right side of receiver Fore-end Condition (ie. Bluing, Engraving, etc.): Very Good with faint signs of case colors Stock Condition (ie.Any purchase not completed within this time frame will be cancelled, and the ad will be put back active online.Please before calling with concerns read these conditions and meet them accordingly.Safety Safety type 1 (on variation 1904-A) or type 2 (on variations 1904-B, 1904-C and 1904-D)Magazine cut-off none on variation 1904-A / short type magazine cut-off on variations 1904-B and 1904-C / long type magazine cut-off on variation 1904-DProofs Inspector’s marking Star/J on bolt and receiver (var. 1904 is the year, when FN introduced a new safety (type 2) and the magazine cut-off. 1904-A and 1904-B) or Inspector’s marking Star/T on bolt and receiver (at least, var. Both improvements were FN inventions (not invented by John M. According to an early FN manual, all A5s above SN 14000 should have a magazine cut-off –but some don’t (see under 1906). There may be mistakes in it – advise by PM, and I will correct them. 1903Barrel address (US market) BROWNING AUTOMATIC ARMS Co OGDEN UTAH U. Punch port over screw of carrier assembly (large diameter on left, small diameter on right). A nice engraved example of a 1904-A SN 7312 is shown in SV, page 207. 1903Barrel steel indication ACIER SPECIAL or SPECIAL STEELStock/Forearm features Mostly straight English stock checkering. None 1908 made A5 has been observed yet having already lock screws and a large button. Beginning of series production of the Auto 5 in 16 gauge in an own SN block.

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Barrels are marked “Stub Twist Barrels” and “LC Smith, Maker, Syracuse, NY”. There is one sizeable chip missing from under the right side hammer; This flaw does not appear to affect functionality. 32” barrels are HEAVY (6lbs7oz) Damascus and are in very good condition. Bores are both very good with signs of wear; light pitting. Hammers are both in perfect working order; Both cock back holding tightly with a good snap forward. Shoulder stock is good with signs of handling wear.Front, Rear): Fixed front bead sight Trigger/Grip: Very Good Recoil Pad: LC Smith “Setter” butt plate PLEASE LOOK AT ALL PHOTOGRAPHS FOR CONDITION WE ONLY ACCEPT MASTERCARD AND VISA Please know the legality of any weapon in your state before bidding.If a gun can’t be transferred to you we will charge a 15% re-stocking fee.Also, we are a PART TIME business, Only in office on Saturdays 10am-4pm. BARRELS CUT DOWN TO 25 INCHES AND REBEADED SO WELL IT IS HARD TO TELL THEY ARE REDUCED.


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