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Imam Shafi’ee agan is the most famous student of Imam Malik.

Imam Shafi’ee is on record as having said that he became a Jurist after studying the kitabs of Imam Muhammad the famous student of Imam Abu Hanifa.

His grandfather, Naqeeb-ul-Ashraaf Abd Al-Rahman Al-Gillani, was the first Prime Minister of Iraq (11 November 1920 – 20 November 1922) following the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire.

The current Custodian of the Shrine of Abdul-Qadir Gilani is his elder-brother, Naqib ul Ashraaf Al Syed Ahmed Zafar Al-Gillani, who also served as the ambassador of Iraq in Pakistan from 1978 until 1992.

When Al-Gillani reached Bareilly, his car was lifted by the hundreds of thousands of devotees and carried to the residence of Mufti Mustafa Raza Khan.

Al-Gillani first completed 40 days seclusion (Chilla) at the Shrine of the Sufi saint Data Ganj Baksh Ali Hujwiri in Lahore.

Al-Gillani was visited by presidents, politicians, tribal leaders and religious scholars for his prayers, advice and guidance.

Al-Gillani completed his other traditional religious studies at the Madrassa of Syed Sultan Ali in Baghdad, where he studied under scholars of Iraq including Syed Ali Afridi, Qasim al Qaise, Khalil ar-Ravee and the Grand Mufti of Iraq.

In 1956, Al-Gillani left the city of Baghdad and migrated to Pakistan after receiving spiritual orders from Abdul Qadir Gilani.


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