Tegan and sara dating anyone

Sara's advice for songwriters: One thing I’ve learned is that you’re always learning.

There is no, “I’ve got this now.” There are a few people out there that know how to write a very good song and can do that statistically more often than most people, but for me I’ve realised that the more I write, the better chance I have at writing something that’s actually good.

And I just remember, it was weird, I was really aggravated and sitting down and wanted to write a song.

We were hugely invested in the marriage-equality movement, and I think it’s deeply important given all the rights that go along with marriage, but I also really feel like I wanted my voice to be heard afterward.

It’s like reading out of our diary” — because I thought it was really sexist.

But that was the moment where I was like, no, no, this really cathartic to sing this, to scream on stage every night, and watch everyone else scream along.

When I say exactly how I feel, it really seems to connect.

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