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Sometimes I need to get a list of files or folders inside another folder in Windows.I like to either print the results or take them to Excel to work on them.First of all, press Control ` (grave) to show formulas in cells (or choose to Show Formulas from the ribbon).Next select and copy the cells containing the formulas. I use Paste Special Unformatted Text in Word but you can paste into any text editor.Smart users know there is a key combination that will do it, but it uses the Left Arrow and Right Arrow keys – I kid you not! However, since it is useful (albeit stupid), I’ll tell you how.To get to the top of the document use Fn Command Left Arrow and to get to the bottom of the document use Fn Command Right Arrow.From a file labelled stupid commands comes this one for getting to the top or bottom of a Word document on the Mac.You see simple commands like Page Up and Page Down which work on a PC fail spectacularly on a Mac so most hapless users just use the arrow key (a lot) or scroll bars to get around a Word document.

So far so good – problem is that these are the exact same keystrokes that display Mission Control and Application Windows on the Mac so they don’t work. Now I don’t use Mission Control at all so I have no need to go backwards and forwards between Mission Control and Application Windows and, worse still, I often hit those keys by mistake so I can easily live without this shortcut.

Each month I need to copy a range of cells to start the data comparison for the next month.

Problem is that you can’t copy cells in Excel without the cell references updating to their new location. That’s exactly what I need to do – copy cells, paste them into their new location without the formulas changing – at all.

All very well but I’ll get the best ‘bangs for my buck’ if I can find and manage the really big files.

But how to do this and please don’t tell me I need to install a new program to do that! Here’s how to find your biggest files: Because I don’t index my drive it takes a little while but the result is an ordered list of your biggest files from biggest to a little less big.


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