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) That day I was working from home which required me to use the internet and my power never went out.

And even if it did, why was the battery at 1% and I had only had it since 9/30.

I called the seller, Wardell Jasper, who was not sure but then agreed with Nick but later told us that he would have someone come to the one to take care of it.

Matt came to the home the evening of 9/30 around 9pm and mounted the cameras but the next day we noticed the camera upstairs was not working so we called him back and he told us he would be to our home on 10/1 between 6pm-pm but did not call or show so my husband called him and he said he was in San Bernardino doing a job that ran over so he would be there between 9pm-pm.

Vivint was founded in 1999 in Provo, Utah, by current co-owners and CEO Todd Pederson and Keith Nellson.

Originally named APX Alarm Security Solutions, the company sold and installed alarm systems for homes and businesses.

I spoke to Colin, who was a supervisor, and she set up an appointment for install on 11/6 between 10a-12p.

So they are telling me I have to pay an HVAC company to come fix something they broke and in the meantime suffer with no heat. The thermostat they installed has not worked properly since the day they installed it. I understand with promotions things go on backorder so I was being patient. Was on hold for 23 mins with the rep checking in letting me know she’s trying to get the right ppl to help us. They were on backorder & they apologized for not being contacted before.

Was told a manger would be contacting myself or my husband. He apologized and said we would be contacted and email confirmation would be sent. A manager will be contacting me today & either way I tablet will be sent out today. Advised CSR that I was pissed because I shouldn’t have to keep calling back. The rep puts me on hold and clicks back over and says my account is through clear link and doesn’t have a tablet promotion.

She told me that he was the supervisor in that department and he would definitely be there. we called Vivint 2 hours in to the block of time and 2.5 hours into the appointment time and they were not able to reach Ian.

Out of frustration, we no longer wanted to speak to anyone and ended the call. I ended up getting a text asking me to confirm an install appointment on 11/2 between 12p-4p which I responded to the same or next day. Then I got a text the next day telling me a sooner appointment opened up on 10/30 and to text to confirm which I did and got a text acknowledging the confirmation. We called Vivint and was told that the installer that the appointment was scheduled with was not schedule to work that day and it was an error.


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