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Jumps you hold way too long out for get you across when you should be plummeting because you’d have ran out of room below your feet. You have to fight to get your character to see ledges and move across sometimes. Other times it moves right along with you. Swimming felt like I had no control over anything. Up was down, there’s no good way to surface quickly, and diving has no real direction at all. The brief segments you do have to swim through are an exercise in frustration.

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That being said, it’s just a high octane version of someplace we’ve gone before.Action game fans will find it kind of generic as far as gameplay goes since, as I mentioned, it doesn’t do anything new.It is easy enough that causal players can have some fun and using the buddy system is amusing as well. (j'ai lu le premier avec plus d'attention aussi après j'ai tout lu à la chaîne donc possible que je me sois emmêlé les pinceaux). Le plus intriguant reste à mon sens le Gounki (premier de la liste) mais peut-être que je me trompe et que c'est seulement le plus accessible ?It’s not very difficult and will be about ten hours for most people to play through solo.


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