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God, when things suddenly click for me, they click HARD.Okay, so guys, I think I know now a definite sign of Saul being a future route.if his powers are fuelled by the dads' anguish and he's directly responsible for breaking up marriages and killing spouses, it could fit with his kids' ages in a timeline of sorts.like knowing that Val Small is 25-26 years old and she cut ties with Robert at age 18 around the time of his wife's death, that's like 7-8 years (1) (cont’d) & joseph’s twins seem to be around that age!

(And like 1,000 other little things, but those guys are the big guns for January.)So basically you probably won’t see me at all this month. ABSOLUTELY NO PROGRAMMERS/'' COMMUTER (SEEKS: o MUST own their own home. I cannot count how many times men have told me they don' t play video games and I turn around and catch them playing video games. Will consider exceptions if in aerospace engineering, perhaps civil as well (% on the income requirement in latter case). Men who live alone with cats are gross, sad, and unattractive. Mat also lost Rosa when carmensita was young, so it could’ve been around that same time. crish the baby/toddler may coincide with craig and hugo’s divorces. (i’m aware i could be pulling this out of my ass but coincidence?Daisy is 10 years old & the way she’s written makes it seem like she never really knew her mother & she could’ve died when she was a baby. ) (2) It's interesting; even though the cult ending is inaccessible, this recent update added TONS of code to the files including a start and end execution, so it looks like it's ready to go and is just being blocked by a glitch.Sorry 😞 But I’ll try to queue a couple things so my blog isn’t completely dead.


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