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The "Backup options" and "Upgrade options" sections are available at the bottom of the page (and are described later in this chapter). This section enables you to pinpoint exactly the version to which you want to upgrade your current Presta Shop installation.In case you have made changes directly to the core files instead of using the overriding possibilities of Presta Shop, these lists can help you know if your changes are safe or not.Therefore, even if you are not in maintenance mode, the module marks that check as valid.

The features tab has disappeared completely, and the reviews tab isn't working.

The safest way is to have an exact copy of your shop available, either on your local computer or in another folder of your web server.

It should contain all your products, categories, themes, modules, translations, settings, etc. Once the upgrade is done, browse your front and back office thoroughly to make sure that everything is as expected.

If not, then the upgrade tool has an issue with your configuration, and you should use the manual upgrade method, which is now deprecated and takes longer, but which may help in your situation.

The configuration screen presents you with a series of sections, providing information, tools and settings.


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