Updating tiger to leopard

January 23, 2018 release updates to 10.11, 10.12, and 10.13 included.

For each disc, its retail CD logo is shown below: Puma (10.1) there is , Jaguar (10.2) there is , Panther (10.3) , Tiger (10.4) , Leopard (10.5) , and Snow Leopard 10.6 . In addition, there are security updates which are not listed in the tables below, though are included with some of these updates. But you can use an internet search engine to search for an update using 'support.DL name of update' and usually get the download link.

Delta updates only on the immediate preceding version.10.4 Updates Combo updates can be used on any preceding version of 10.4.

including the update it is going to as long as updates not included in the combo were not applied.

As you know, I bought an older Mac Mini with a PPC G4, it is coming with Tiger. Just want suggestions to people using their older units. There are a lot of things in Leopard that aren't in Tiger. Don't expect amazing performance though, but it should be good for lightweight stuff.

Also had Airport and Blue Tooth, will the Blue Tooth work with my current BT Keyboard (2013)?


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