Watch conspiracy theories online dating

—though Trump-level theories might cost you a date.

The dodgy corners of history are yours to discover...together.

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Whitewater, Travelgate, etc.), while what passes for voices of the 'left' will admit to conspiratorial behavior by 'Republicans' (i.e. So the 'conspiracy theory' label obviously has nothing to do with whether or not the theory posits that there was any conspiring going on.

Although I haven't yet been filled in on all the details of the program, I'm pretty sure that it involves the consumption of mass quantities of Prozac. Some talking-head on the evening news claimed that millions of depressed kids could benefit from this decision. None of them can legitimately claim to be the objective truth, because none of us can say with 100% certainty where the truth lies.

But are there really millions of depressed kids out there in the 'land of the free'? We all have only our own personal theories, based on our own life experiences and on how the world has been presented to us by family, friends, politicians, educators, clergy, and the all-powerful media.

you say we didn't actually beat North Korea the first time around? Has anyone considered, by the way, that a cruise ship, with a captive, physically isolated population, would be an ideal place to conduct biowarfare experiments -- with, for example, something like the "Norwalk Virus"? As I have whined about repeatedly in these newsletters, conspiracy theory bashing is quite fashionable these days.

Well, never mind then." I'm also not going to comment on Bush's preposterous habit of posing as a good-old-boy rancher, or on various other members of the Bush clan slumming with the commoners aboard a Disney cruise ship. What I really want to talk about are conspiracy theories.


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