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If you didn't want to see an "in the buff" teen-Aquaman fighting a grown man in rubber pants, then why have you read this far? But this scene goes that extra special mile for its entertainment dollar.It involves rubber pants, choking, punching, animal noises and a young lad tied starkers and spread in a chair.The all-nude fight scene has been a staple of literature since Eve asked Adam to bite into the fruit of knowledge and Adam said, "Make me." And why not? Back in the really old days, when the Youtube was called "actual Roman gladiators," naked fighting was literally the "bread" in "bread and circuses." The circus part involved lions, but that's another story.What matters is that a snarling knock-down-drag-out is better when the delicate goodies are in play, and never more so than when superpowers are involved.After being hit with "fiber-melting herbs" by the hippie supervillain Doc Natural, Hoverboy is forced to fight crime in the nude.He learns to avoid shame by reading the first part of Genesis over and over and eventually smacking anyone in the face who looks at him "down there." graphic novel, published in 1972 by Watson-Guptill.

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The sociopolitical implications of Alan Moore's narrative and the intricate mechanism of this novel have been discussed endlessly by greater critics than I, so I'll just leave you with two thoughts: 1) It's bad enough being killed by a friend, but killed by one waving his little blue weenie at you is insulting.

No wonder comics are considered literature nowadays.

When the end comes, and the world is crumbling around me due to nuclear devastation or social upheaval, this is the comic I take with me to the escape shelter. I seem to remember Magneto fighting for his life in the shower. If you've got a naked fight scene you think we should know about, please let us know.

RULE #3: The appearance of nudity isn't good enough. As a millionaire playa, Tony Stark was always willing to slip out of the Armani suit for the hunnies, and as a drunken gutter dweller he was willing to step out of the Iron Man suit and give it to his pal Rhodey. Clearly Tony is very willing to drop trou, and that's why he's so calm, cool and TEACHING SCHOOL in this nude-fight classic.

With nothing but his "little Iron Man" to help him, and a few well-remembered "training sessions" with Steve Rogers, Tony Stark smoothly kicks butt while his own is dancing in the breeze.


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