Who is bianca gascoigne dating

The 35-year-old television star and known Lothario romanced glamour model Gascoigne, 30, back in 2006 on the televised reality dating show, Celebrity Love Island.

The pair's love affair was so genuine that they ended up winning the show as the most loved-up and often tipsy and entertaining couple.

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" But things took a turn for the worse when the 30-year-old sportsman was shown a clip of Bianca telling her housemate Nicola Mc Lean earlier this week about her man.

Because I didn't know full extent, it makes it difficult.

We got on really well and we've gone to the point where we've shown we like each other, but then that happens and its like, f**k." Bianca, who was in floods of tears, begged Jamie to give her another chance: "I should have filled you in, but me and you were getting better and better.

The couple could barely keep their hands off each other and were seen smooching in the shallows."My Happy Placeā€¦

Bikini by @Sas Sea Swimwear #Dominican Republic," Bianca informed her 105,000 followers.


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