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We’ve hung out a lot over the last eight years but we hadn’t had that opportunity where it was just the two of us.” “Lisa is the biggest fan on earth,” she said, emphasising that they both felt having Rose in the new video was fitting.”I don’t think we were more excessive than most people our age but this is a very social industry.Ultimately, Rose and Origliasso ended up playing romantic partners, and it was literally during filming that the two fell back in love, says Origliasso.The twins appeared on the Kyle and Jackie O Show this morning to talk about their music when Kyle brought up the rumours one of them was dating Ruby. Eight years ago—we’ve known Ruby for eight years now.We connected eight years ago and she stayed so close to us, and met my mum, and Lis, and all the friends.”The girls went on to reveal it was the song “On Your Side” that brought them back together. Small, the Australian songwriter explained how she and Ruby fell back in love while shooting for her band's music video for "We have been friends for eight years.We just reconnected over doing this video, she wrote and directed it, and is in it with us and we just sort of fell in love." In case you don't remember, the DJ was believed to be dating Jess back in 2008 after the two were spotted out and about on numerous occasions.

I hate that people like that have a platform to spread fear.“She can hide behind religion all she wants, but religion exists for a better life for all.After weeks of speculation, thanks to a slew of Instagram photos, Ruby Rose and Jessica Origliasso from The Veronicas have confirmed they are dating. She’s such an incredible woman and I feel so proud to be with someone like her, who’s so ambitious, compassionate and incredible.Jess has done most of the talking, gushing about the relationship while she’s been on the promo trail with her twin sister, Lisa, for their new single “On Your Side,” but based on what she’s said the two Aussies could not be happier. I’m very lucky.”When Jackie asked if they had dated previously, Jess replied, “We did!Reeve seems to be fine and it was just crazy with their schedules.” Carney’s longest relationship was with Australian singer/songwriter, Lisa Origliasso, of the pop duo, ‘The Veronicas’.According to Australia’s News.com, Lisa’s sister, Jess, coincidentally dated Reeve’s brother, Zane.“We’re very protective of what we have now.” According to Origliasso, it all came down to chemistry.“There was such explicit chemistry between Ruby and I that shooting was very intense,” she said.It sounds like things couldn’t be better between Ruby and Jess right now, and we’re sure all eyes will be on the music video when it’s released.


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