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Up to 70 per cent of people at retirement could qualify for a better rate because of a health or lifestyle condition, and yet only 6 per cent of that that purchased an annuity in the second quarter of the year without advice bought an enhanced annuity, according to This compares to 45 per cent when advice is provided or people shopped around - the reason being that many people are not aware that they could be entitled to a better rate on account of their health or lifestyle.

Last month, for example, 45.5 per cent of all Hargreaves Lansdown enhanced quotes were for high blood pressure - not a factor that many would automatically think be taken into consideration when deciding their pension income.

As Fierman and Hopper saw it, the task required a “radical tonal shift” toward high-minded cultural criticism and “prestige journalism” for MTV News, and by extension its parent company.

He worked hard for every penny he saved and he was insistent I would be looked after.Britannic disputes this, and says there is no reason why they could not have taken one out.The firm believes it is more likely Mr Monksfield turned down this option because it would not have given such a big income.Hopper “As someone who came up in a time where music criticism was basically the dominion of 38-year-old white men, who all agreed on the same canon of what was good and who was allowed to say what about what artists,” Hopper further told the Huffington Post, “the fact that we could have such a young staff, such a diverse staff, and that that be considered fundamental to our success here, is [my] editorial dream and my dream of the world.” In the same interview, she said it was her goal to “take pop music seriously,” noting that the staff “have the full institutional weight, history, and support of MTV from the top down.” The site’s editorial director Dan Fierman, who previously helmed ESPN’s literary pop-culture site Grantland before it was shut down in October 2015, echoed this sentiment.The goal of the new era of MTV, he told the Huffington Post, would be to deliver “really smart criticism of the culture through a music lens.” That had formally and publicly announced a desire to break the conventional music canon as established by white men at institutions like their own, and instead rebuild it in the image of a more diverse demographic and workforce, was seen as an exciting prospect from the outside.To begin with, the Britannic salesman recommended that Mr Monksfield take an enhanced annuity — which pays a bigger income to those who are sick.


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