Xbox 360 not updating properly san andreas dating katie

Be sure to allow any updates to finish before beginning your game installation.

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You can check for updates manually by following the steps below.

Stuff you'll need: Xbox 360 Computer USB thumb drive (recommended) OR writable CD and CD writer Zip file extractor, I use [77-Zip]First of all, you'll need the update file. displaylang=en&Family ID=d7b1a7d8-846b-4ff4-8810-25356ec2c2aa DO NOT FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS ON THAT PAGE! If they did, I probably wouldn't have bothered to write this instructable.

Just download the file, that's all you need to do there.

After a lot of searching Google for a solution, I found one.

Here is the page where I found out how to make it work. If you have a writable CD a thumb drive, use the thumb drive, because it's much easier.


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