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But soon, criminal gangs started to appear to fill the gap.La Oficina – or “The Office” – is one of the most notorious groups that sprung up.I met several victims of the gangs but most were too scared to go on the record. She lives in one of the poorest barrios in Medellin. They are not the type of people that like cameras or journalists.It took several months of meetings to convince them to allow me to film them.“The product has changed but we are still providing services.Before we sent coke to the world, now the world is coming to us.We are still at war but you won’t see the weapons in the street.” Chino is well dressed and has clearly been educated.

“We don’t want to heat up the barrio so you won’t see any bodies lying in the street like before.

A landlord is facing felony charges for trespassing.

However, it's what he was caught on camera doing in a couple's bedroom that has the tenant so upset.

We walked and talked about Escobar, the paramilitaries, Farc and the current peace process in La Havana. He was proud when he told me that he killed for the first time when he was just 13 years old.

Now, he looked no older than 30 and says he has murdered dozens of people.


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