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The Kaiba brothers eventually return, and with Yugi, Joey, and Seto Kaiba's combined efforts, Tenma and his servants are defeated. Duel Generation Card Android App offered by Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc.

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He captures Téa, and uses her as a vessel to try and use the Wicked Gods to bring Pegasus back, believing that Yugi had killed him.Seto's rise to power involved direct manipulation of The Big Five, Gozaburo Kaiba, and Mokuba Kaiba.Due to this, as well as Kaiba Corp's past as a weapons company, Seto is often brought to blows with those who have a vendetta against either him or the company.The Kaiba Corp building is seen numerous times in Yu-Gi-Oh!5D's, with a new design, from aerial views of New Domino City.In the opening, "Kizuna," "Stardust Dragon" is shown flying up the side of the building.


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