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Criminal codes specifically listing the behavior as a crime (rather than merely addressing it within the general law of assault) refer to it as family or domestic violence. This article surveys the history of domestic violence as a criminal offense, and the justice system response to woman battering incidents. It first discusses the definition of the offense including debates around the offense definition, and the prevalence and reported frequency of the behavior termed woman battering. Available: Menu Categories/ANAMarketplace/ANAPeriodicals/OJIN/Tableof Contents/Volume72002/No1Jan2002/Domestic Violenceand Criminal Key words: domestic violence, woman battering, policing, prosecution, adjudication, mandatory or presumed arrest policies, dual arrest, protection order, battered woman syndrome, no-drop policies Introduction Domestic violence is one of those gender related violations that has had a long past but a short history. Domestic violence in criminal court: An examination of new legislation in Ohio. In that case, we will also give him or her information. It is only recently that domestic violence has been considered a violation of the law. The limits of the neighborhood justice center: Why domestic violence cases should not be mediated. The article also discusses research findings related to domestic violence and the criminal justice system, along with current controversies concerning the justice approach to domestic violence, its law enforcement, and related unfolding trends in the movement to address domestic violence through the criminal justice system. Only towards the end of the twentieth century, in the 1970’s, has domestic violence been defined a crime, justifying intervention by the criminal justice system.


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